Growth Hacking for Startups Pt1

constantly learn and adapt via telemarketing 2
The first 12 months of your Startup business will be make-or-break.  That great idea you had for a new technology or better way of doing things must start generating money as fast as possible.

After 20 years of helping Startups to succeed I see the same pattern form again and again.  The Startups that succeed are those that understand their customers and how to reach them rapidly.  Of course you must have a good product or service, but whatever business you are in you will only achieve growth if you are making profitable sales.

Many businesses begin with a sale to former work colleagues or friends.  Referrals are a great source of early sales, but within 3 to 6 months you have generally used up all your favours.  Businesses that survive and grow are those that have a healthy sales pipeline of fresh prospective customers.

The key to growing a strong sales pipeline is to understand your customers and have a method to reach them rapidly and close sales effectively.    If you are selling to consumers (B2C) then you should be thinking about using PPC, SEO and Social Media.  In this article I’m discussing Business  2 Business (B2B) growth hacking.

Twenty years ago I heard everyone say that “Telemarketing is dead”.  It was the advent of the TPS (Telephone Preference Service).  Twenty years on, apparently telemarketing doesn’t work because of GDPR.  Quite frankly, it’s sheer bunkum!  TPS, GDPR and all the other legislation was brought in to place to protect people’s data and certainly not to prevent people doing business with one another.  You might have noticed that anyone who says “Telemarketing doesn’t work” just happens to hate making cold calls and is generally useless at this line of work.

Every day, £Billions of deals are discussed and closed by telephone.  In fact, over the last 5 years I have helped companies to have better results by telephone and screen-sharing than sitting in the same room as a prospective customer.

Growth hacking is about experimenting and iterative learning.  For the astute business development expert, nothing works faster than formulating a plan and then engaging with prospects via telephone.  Each telephone call helps to tweak the understanding of a customer’s needs.  Each follow-up call is tweaked to perfection in terms of closing prospective clients by learning their pain points and how to make the prospect say “yes”.

In the early days, don’t be fooled by those who try to sell you a fancy CRM system or piles of beautiful printed brochures.  You need “reasonable” marketing collateral such as a website and PDFs explaining your offering.  The “process” is more important than the tools in the early days.  You need to understand your prospective customers quickly and engage with them rapidly.  Then you need to adapt your sales funnel process as soon as possible by refining each step towards closing the sales.  The faster and more efficient your sales cycle, the less people you need to talk to and the more people you will close that you engage with.

Beware the sales person who claims to have the “little black book of prospective customers”.  A true growth hacking business developer uses a set of processes to understand your prospective customers.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a new marketing algorithm or a spaceship.  It’s not “who you know”, but “what you know”.  The “what you know” here is an understanding of your potential customers. Then using an iterative process of tweaking your sales process to find the right buyers as fast as possible and make them say “yes”.

For one of my clients I’ve helped them with triple digit growth, year-on-year for four years.  They’ve also won the Deloitte Fast50 award for the last 2 years.   If you want my help or just a little bit of free advice – please feel free to say hello – or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Consultative Telemarketing – an Account Based Marketing approach

Connected 1
“Account based marketing” or “key account marketing” looks at marketing in a different way.  Rather than simply targeting by industry, product or channel, ABM typically brings all these components together to target very specific organisations.  Targeting becomes so specific that an individual prospect becomes a “market of one”.

ABM is generally used to win enterprise level accounts.  As markets become increasingly commoditized ABM seeks to provide differentiation through value rather price.  By demonstrating a deeper understanding of prospective customers ABM can breakthrough background noise and resonate directly with decision makers.

The thought processes of the account based marketer and the consultative telemarketing expert follow the same pattern.  Primarily, choosing the right prospective customer to target is paramount.  In a “market of one” a good deal of time is spent on understanding the organisation that one is targeting.  The target customer must be the right size and shape.

The second stage is to identify the decision-making groups within the target organisation.  One must identify the Directors and Managers who will potentially buy-in to the offering.  But it’s not about a cursory understanding of the potential buyers.  It’s about understanding their psyche and what makes them tick.  It’s about knowing which buttons to press that will make them sit up and pay attention.

Consultative Telemarketing and ABM generally part ways in the process at the point of which tools to use.  On the whole ABM will look at multiple marketing channels from advertising to direct mail.  For the consultative telemarketing expert, the telephone is the weapon of choice.

Standard marketing is often thought of as “a numbers game”.  One segments the market and then its all about using creative messages and having a sufficient budget.  ABM and consultative telemarketing follow the exact opposite approach.  It becomes about having a deep understanding of the needs of the prospective customer organisation and their decision-makers.  Before making one call, a consultative telemarketing expert may have spent hours or days researching the right people to talk to.  Yet the results can be astonishingly successful when performed correctly.

As an example, I recently utilised my consultative telemarketing skills for a client who had done well in the Toys & Games Industry.  This client worked with a major global company and wanted more work in this sector.  However, they did not want to work with a direct competitor to their key account.  So choosing the right target company was very important.  Then identifying the challenges faced by the target company had to be researched.  Finally, the key decision-makers were identified and an elevator pitch created.  Within minutes of making contact, the prospective customer was won over.  I had correctly identified a gap in their marketing where they needed help and offered a perfect solution to the problem faced by their team.

A key account may be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds or maybe £millions.  Unless one is simply hoping to be lucky it’s not a numbers game – it’s about using the right methodology and conducting the process with wit, charm and flair.

Call me for a free chat on 0203 790 9307 or email me

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Best Freelance Telemarketing 2018

Connected 1

Finding and winning new business by telephone is one of the most important aspects of any business.   Without a steady stream of lead generation, by telemarketing or any other channel, all businesses will eventually stagnate.

Here are six questions to ask yourself if you are serious about finding a freelance telemarketing professional to help grow your business:

1) What is the average annual revenue value of a client?
2) How much are you currently paying for Cost Per Lead (CPL)?
3) Is your sales closing rate for outbound and inbound leads as good as it could be?
4) Do you have a clear definition of what is a sales lead?
5) What sort of promotions are you willing to offer to entice new customers to work with you?
6) Do you have clear and convincing USPs?

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Does Freelance Telemarketing work?

SLF consultative telemarketing 3s
The short answer is, yes, absolutely—if you find the right person.  I’ve been generating sales leads for companies on a freelance basis now for about 15 years.  These days, clients often expect me to go the extra mile and close sales over the phone too.

My favourite sale this year was to an Israeli company which began as an inbound lead to my client.  It meant working all hours to communicate with their team in Israel, their team in the USA and my client’s team in the UK.  Co-ordinating the team on teleconferences and writing decks resulted in an order for >£100k.  What I enjoyed most was that we never met the client face-2-face, but we won as a team over the telephone/internet  The campaign was such a success that I’m now pitching for a second order for >£200k.

I’ve often been told that I sound more like a game-show host, the way I introduce my team and switch the conversation between the client and my team of experts.  I’m constantly looking for objections and buying signals and making sure that I steer each telephone meeting closer and closer to the close.  I know when to push and when to back off, all rounded off with a good –hearted humour.

Two recent sales for a client also made me realise the difference between fulfilment experts and sales experts.  The first was regarding a lady who had called my client’s office, who was described as “pushy and aggressive” by my client’s team.  My client thought it was a time-waster, but I followed through to find a very interesting potential client who were purveyors of their products to HM The Queen.  The buyer was simply irritated by the reluctance of the person who took the call to answer some deep questions about the service offered and the pricing structure.  The order was signed off a couple of weeks ago on a small test campaign.  Yet the potential here is a key account in the making.

The second sale I closed for my client recently via telephone began with a face-2-face meeting in their office.  The prospect brought a couple of junior staff to the meeting.  Their behaviour was somewhat odd, but I put this down to them being a young team rather than anything else.  My client virtually dismissed the prospect and said that unless they paid upfront that he wasn’t interested.  A few weeks later and I signed up the prospect who was more than willing to pay upfront.  Needless to say that I never met the client and I conducted all the business by telephone/internet.  Once again this proved that one does not need to meet someone in person to close a sale.

Freelance Telemarketing provides me with the opportunity to work simultaneously with a number of clients.  I learn something every day from each call and each sale.  What I learn can generally be applied across selling different products and services in to different verticals.

The only thing that I struggle with is when a client asks me if I know anyone as a good as me?  I’m blowing my own trumpet when I say I am unique.  Some people believe me straight away.  Most people test me to see if it’s true—and no one is ever disappointed.  Others call me later when they find that no one else lives up to my reputation for success.

If you are serious about business growth then why not email me, or call me at my Covent Garden office on 0203 790 9307.

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Telesales Top Thirteen Tips – From Lead Generation to Sales Closing


Here is how to make 10x more sales by following my tried and tested process.  For the last five years most of my clients no longer want just excellent qualified leads; they also want me to help close their sales.  So here is my process which has helped to win £Millions for my clients:

  1. Route to Market Check – make sure that your product or service is suitable for telemarketing and that there is not a better route to market.
  2. Profiling Relevancy – know what you are selling. Understand the buyer by profiling them. Your process will begin with hyper-targeting.  In short, you will be calling less people, but you will call more of the relevant people.  Thus increasing your efficiency.
  3. Data Building – Using your profiling of the potential buyers either purchase or build your targeted call list with all the contact details you need.  The better the data, the more time you will spend talking to the right people – again this will increase your efficiency.
  4. Killer Pitch – Without a killer pitch you are just playing a numbers game.  I have the highest pitch-to-close ratio on the planet (so I’m told).  Pitch better and get more results per call.
  5. Make the Meeting happen – circa 33% of meetings generated by cold-calling result in a postponed meeting.  This is a fact of life and has nothing to do with your pitch.  Make sure the meeting happens by checking everyone is attending and re-book swiftly if anyone can’t make it.  You could increase your sales by up to 1/3 by getting this right.
  6. Call to Action – make every meeting count by creating a call to action – you should never end a meeting without agreeing to end the process, timetable the next meeting or agree on the closure of the sale.
  7. Listen more & talk less – Don’t just talk and talk at your prospect –  find out what your prospect really wants and needs.  If you did your profiling correctly, then get your prospect to tell you what they want.
  8. Relevancy of Collateral – a short but highly relevant presentation will always hit the spot.  Keep It Simple, make it visually attractive and never forget your Features, Advantages & Benefits (FAB).
  9. Sales Momentum – The rhythm of the sale is vital – go too fast and you will upset your prospect.  Go too slow and your prospect will lose interest.  Listen to your prospect and create a momentum that is perfectly balanced.
  10. DMU Identification – You need to know the Decision Makers who are involved and make sure that you are talking to all those who are involved in the sign-off process.
  11. Fulfilment Process – know your fulfilment process and what your prospect needs.  You need to know who will be doing what on both sides and when to expedite this.
  12. Segue Selling – Unless you are unbelievably lucky that you can close every sale in one phone call – then you must tighten up your constant contact processes.  By staying in touch with your prospective client from the 1st cold call until the sale is signed off you will potentially increase your sales by up to 600%
  13. Sales Team Line-Up – choose a mixture of product people and sales people – it’s rare that a sales person will have deep product knowledge.  Likewise it’s unlikely that a product expert will have deep sales-closing knowledge.  Pick the right team and you could increase your sales closing by circa 800%

I was an award-winning salesman in my youth.  I now help my clients to find new business and close it – either working directly with my clients or training their sales teams.

If you have a budget and a need – you can always call me on + 44 (0) 203 790 9307  or email  – read more about me at or view my Linkedin profile

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Freelance Telemarketing 2015

Freelance Telemarketing 2015

It’s a New Year, so what did I learn in 2014 and what are the Top Tips for freelance telemarketing in 2015?

Well, to be honest, many of the good old top tips remain true, so here are the oldies:

  • “Smile As You Dial” – yes it’s a real oldie, but if you are happy on the phone then you will cheer-up your prospective clients – I’ve won over countless prospects with this one.
  • “Find the Right Data” – ok, that sounds obvious, but how many times have you heard telemarketing people pitching to the wrong person – make sure you have the correct decision makers in your database or you’re wasting your time.
  • “Perfect Pitch” – you have about 10 seconds at the most to gain attention – my Pitch-to-Close ratio was measured by a client who was obsessed by Analytics – apparently my pitches are so good that I have an astonishing average 50% closing ratio when I talk to decision makers.
  • “Two Ears One Mouth” – consultative telemarketing is as much about listening as it is about talking – so ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers.
  • “Keep Cool” – you can’t win on every call and some people will be having a bad day – don’t let people get you down and always be polite

So what’s new for 2015

  • “Know the Person” – in these days of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc, it’s much easier to find data on your target prospect.  If your target person is likely to spend significant sums of money, then find out who they are, what they like, etc.
  • “Know the Organisation” – what is their turnover, number of staff, who are their clients – the more you know about the prospect organisation, the more you can relate your pitch to them.
  • “Bridge the Gap” – 1on1 Online Demos were the tools of Presidents and CEOs until recently – these days an Online Demo can provide significant pre-qualification of buyers – but make sure you get it right – I design killer online sales demos/pitches that turn in to sales.

There are umpteen more ways to improve your telemarketing lead generation.  If you want me to train your team or create sales opportunities for you – just email me or call me on UK 0203 790 9307.

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B2B Telemarketing – “Parlez Vous Telemarketing”?

Freelance Telemarketing global
International B2B Telemarketing

As the No.1 Freelance B2B Telemarketing person in the UK, I suppose it was only a matter of time before clients from our around the World started calling me. Let me explain the pros and cons of International lead generation via telephone….

B2B Telemarketing to the USA
I started providing high-end telemarketing more than 8 x years ago. I guess the first International client was a customer in the States who I helped about 5 years ago. Whilst UK English and USA English are not identical, it’s pretty much the same language.

Of course the main issue here to begin with was regarding the time-zones. The USA is so large that I found myself having to call 3 time-zones from New York on the East Coast to California on the West Coast.

When one plans a call schedule to target companies in the UK, at least everyone is working to the same clock. In the USA, 10am for someone in New Jersey is not 10am in Dallas; so that certainly takes some getting used to when planning call-backs.

The second main issue with B2B Telemarketing to the USA is the ‘Culture of Voicemail’. Perhaps because of the vast distances between companies in the USA and the multiple time-zones, workers in the USA appear to prefer voicemail to having a conversation. Moreover, I found that the need for gaining cell-phone numbers was much more important in the USA than in the UK.

Whilst calling the USA from the UK certainly presented it’s own issues – there was one major upside. My “Queens English” approach certainly scored highly on USA campaigns. Whilst most US citizens enjoy the fact that they won their independence from the Brits, they still love the British accent.

B2B Telemarketing to Europe – “Parlez Vous Telemarketing”
Calling the USA and speaking English is one thing, but imagine calling prospective buyers in Europe? A number of months ago, a client asked if I could help him to target Europe. I heard those famous words, “Everyone in Europe speaks English”. Well that would have been nice if it was true?

To be fair, I would say that when one is targeting global corporations that many companies in Europe employ English-Speaking staff. This does vary greatly from country to country. The northern countries including Germany, Holland, Belgium and Denmark speak reasonable to excellent English. Yet when one starts calling southern and eastern Europe, it’s a different kettle of fish.

I would not claim to be fluent in any language other than English, so my language skills were pushed to the limit in some countries. If you don’t speak French, Spanish or Italian you can forget doing business by telephone in these countries. A small amount of German will work wonders in the northern countries, but the French will only talk to you if you talk in French.

Then there are the cultural differences to watch out for. Nordic countries including Austria will follow much the same work-cycle as the UK. By that, I mean that they arrive on time, take a short lunch then work through the afternoon. My experience of countries in southern Europe is that a lunch break can start at midday – but for senior personnel lunch can go on for the rest of the day!

Does B2B International Telemarketing work?
The simple answer to this is “Yes and No”. Yes it works if one can speak the native language fluently. Yes, it also works in many Nordic countries where English is viewed as the International language. From my experience I would advise to steer clear of the non-Nordic countries on the whole unless one has first-class skills in multi-lingual selling.

In terms of work that I’ve undertaken that target major organisations across Europe, I managed to arrange meetings within 60% of the target countries. Had my remit been to target only “Nordic” or “Germanic” countries, I would have hit 100% success.

If you need B2B Telemarketing to Europe, why not give me a call for some free advice – Stephen Law 0203 790 9307 ?

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Consultative Telemarketing – the best lead generation Part1

SLF invents Consultative Telemarketing 2

Did I invent the term Consultative Telemarketing?

“What is the best form of telemarketing that will lead to new sales?”  That is the question that I asked myself almost 10 years ago, when I started to build my Freelance Business Development business.  I will do my best to explain why I think the answer to the question is ‘Consultative Telemarketing’.

Telemarketing per se can mean many things to many people.  We’ve all received the annoying calls at home, when trying to sit down for dinner of an evening.  Yet most people forget that £Billions of business transactions take place with people agreeing to work together via a phone call.

I’ve been around the block a few times, having spent many a year as a Director of an SME.  In all that time I found it difficult to find an employee who had the skills, expertise and gravitas – to strike up a conversation with intelligent buyers.  In fact, I often ended up conducting all the lead generation for myself.

Before going Freelance I had worked for a multi-millionaire for 7 years, heading up his new-start technology businesses.  Before that I was a Director of a Business Development Agency in London.  In all that time, I found myself undertaking the lead generation, right through to close of sale and on to account management.

So when I started SL-Freelance, the issue for me was how to differentiate myself as a ‘telemarketing’ person, from those awful telephone canvassers.  After a spot of research and some time wracking my brain, I had the answer. I realised that when I had closed sales in the field, everyone had referred to me as a Consultative Salesman.

So about 8 years ago, I coined the phrase ‘Consultative Telemarketing’.  What makes me giggle now, is that I think I created a new phrase for the marketing industry.  I now see that other people have started referring to themselves as consultative telemarketing people.  If I had owned a crystal ball, perhaps I should have copyrighted the term?

Are all Consultative Telemarketing people the same?

Since the recession kicked-in around 2008, the number of people who have decided to try and make a living as a freelance telemarketing person has grown and grown.  I think that this has made matters difficult for someone who wants to hire the best telemarketing person.

The rise of online work-sites like O-Desk and People Per hour has demonstrated a massive increase in so-called ‘freelance telemarketing’ people.  Personally, I think that you can’t beat a really great PA or a web developer offshore for service and price; but considering that most people I’ve worked with have a limited grasp of British English, I certainly wouldn’t want them representing my company on the phone for lead generation.

Consultative Telemarketing for the savvy buyer

As the market matures, buyers are now becoming more savvy.  A few years ago I had some silly conversations with people trying to compare my rates with those of People Per Hour.  Now I find the majority of people who want a telemarketing expert have smartened up.  Buyers have realised that ‘offshore’ does not mean ‘quality’ when it comes to articulating the English language.

I don’t think that I was the first person to ever offer ‘Consultative Telemarketing’, but I do believe that I coined the phrase.  What I’ve noticed now, is that my competitors are now referring to themselves as consultative telemarketing people, where they too are selling complex offerings to intelligent buyers.

There are a small number of individuals and agencies out there who I would say are in the same league as me.  That said, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon.  Buyers and Sellers of consultative telemarketing services are ‘learning the lingo’.  The question is… “Does an understanding of the terminology really mean that someone knows how to put it in to practice?”

Consultative Telemarketing – Talking the Talk or Walking the Talk?

Over the past 6 months, I’ve noticed that savvy buyers of high quality B2B telemarketing services are talking the talk.  A couple of buyers astonished me recently by reeling off how they could access the right data, how they talked about targeting the right decision makers, and how they understood the total lead generation process via telephone.

It suddenly dawned on me recently, that I began to realise the chasm of difference between the eloquent rendition of strategy and the complete misunderstanding of how to put this in to practice.

To give an analogy, a couple of years ago, a client asked me to go way beyond Lead Generation for him.  My client asked me to help him sell a highly complex piece of engineering worth £1/3Million, as his sales team were struggling.  I closed the sale for him because I gained a deep theoretical understanding of the product and his client.  However, no one in their right mind would have asked me to pick up a spanner and install a piece of kit that required the expertise of a fully qualified engineer.

There is a massive difference between understanding the theory of winning new business via ‘Consultative Telemarketing’ and actually putting it in to practice.

In my next blog I will dig deeper in to the differences….

In the meantime, if you are seeking to win new business with Intelligent Buyers – call me on 0203 790 9307 or email me

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The Freelance Telemarketing Expert

Lead Generation 2
I was snowed under with freelance telemarketing work over the last 12 months. So apologies to those people who have asked, “why haven’t you been blogging recently?”  You will be pleased to know that I am back, to explain how to win more business by using the telephone as the weapon of choice.

Freelance Telemarketing – Quality or Quantity

It’s been rumoured that I’m the no.1 in the industry since 2005. Yet the quantity of telemarketers working on a freelance basis appears to have sky-rocketed over the last 12 months.  Does this mean that there are more highly experienced people out there who can generate high quality sales leads for you?

I guess the short answer is no, but I will explain why.  It appears that with the growth of the internet and the rise of the tablet, more people are entering the freelance market place to offer telemarketing.  There are certainly more individuals offering a ‘scatter-gun” approach – i.e. if you make enough calls then surely you will hit something?  Yet the number of freelancers able to open the door to blue chips and set an appointment that sticks, still appears to be the same.

Scatter-Gun V Sniper

If you need to generate more sales, and your product has a low-value and needs to be sold in high-volumes, then the scatter-gun approach is the best way.  For example if you are selling an internet service with a contract value of say £10 per month, then you will need thousands of customers to make a decent profit.  I’m not convinced that telemarketing would be the best route to market for you, but you would certainly need cheap scatter-gun telemarketers to succeed.

Conversely, I’m generally hired by people who have a high-ticket offering.  Where you are seeking new clients looking to spend £3k+ per month with you – then you are moving in to the territory of the ‘consultative sale’.   This becomes more about the ‘sniper’ approach, where you need to select your targets very carefully and make every telephone call count.

On a recent contract for a digital marketing agency they clocked my statistics as converting 1 out of 2 people that I spoke with.  Evidently if I were able to make hundreds of calls per day I would a veritable sales machine.  Yet taking the sniper approach, I helped my client to pitch on contracts with an average value worth £35k per annum.  My client attributed at least £0.5 million of revenue directly to my work and a further estimated £0.5 million indirectly over a 2 year period.

Freelance Telemarketing Value for Money

If you are a smart cookie, you have no doubt realised that all telemarketing people do not provide the same level of service.  You’ve probably also clicked that there’s a big difference between ‘price’ and ‘value’.

A ‘cheap’ lead generation service may often result in little or no income for you.  Yet a reasonably priced service, that pays for itself several times over, is certainly ‘value for money’.  What is easy to overlook, is that it takes the same time to locate and engage with a cheap telemarketing person as it does to finding a freelance telemarketing expert.


Always ask yourself, “what are my goals in hiring a freelance telemarketing person?”  Look at all the routes to market first.   I’ve steered many companies to success by advising them to use a route other than telemarketing (and I’m happy to provide references).  I’m very pleased to say that one of the largest UK Law Firms is now a client, where I advised them on a more suitable way to generate leads. If you want impartial free advice, then why not give me a call – 0203 790 9307 or email me

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Telemarketing – Could it make or break your business?

constantly learn and adapt via telemarketing 2
Is that introductory telephone call to your business just an annoyance – or could it change your life?  Every day, $Billions exchange hands by telephone deals, yet the image of the “unsolicited” telephone call is still somewhat tarnished.  I will explain why telemarketing is a necessity for business growth for everyone, when performed correctly…

I was working on the database for a “high-ticket-value-sale” for a client this week.  I carefully selected what looked like a short-list of new possible companies – companies for my client to work with that I could call this week.  One of these, a large motorcycle goods retailer looked like a good target.  Yet when I made the first call, an automated message said “blah, blah, blah… We do not take unsolicited telephone calls!”  After a spot of further research, I was bowled-over to read in the press that, “XYZ Co. enters receivership!”  Could there be a connection between blocking anyone from offering services to a company by telephone and the demise of this big company?

Telemarketing – offering new ideas is essential to business survival and growth

Without a shadow of a doubt, if a company ceases to change and adapt – it will die!  Every company must constantly learn and adapt to the changing marketplace.  Yet should a company always rely upon internal directors and managers having the time to research new suppliers?  In these tough economic times, even the best senior personnel are hard pushed to meet current deadlines, let alone spend hours trying to find suppliers that could radically improve business performance.

Telemarketing – improving business performance

I always like to work with clients who have a product or service that could make a big impact on business performance.  Generally speaking, my clients are able to greatly improve sales or significantly produce savings for an organisation.  For me, for my clients and for their customers – it’s all about Return on Investment, Internal Rate of Return and a healthy cash-flow.  Yet do you believe that your average receptionist even understands the meaning of ROI?

Here are my top favourite dumb remarks from staff at organisations that appear to have shrunk, have suffered plummeting market-share or have gone bust:

·         Senior Manager – “No, I’m not interested in making more sales – I’m too busy to talk

·         Receptionist – “That department are too busy, they’ve asked us not to put any calls through to them anymore

·         Assistant – (before even asking what the call was about) “The Director knows about that and he’s not interested, goodbye!

Do I blame the senior manager for ruining their business – absolutely!  Someone at that level should know better and in my opinion they are no better than a saboteur.  Do I blame junior staff – no!  If managers and directors instil a business philosophy of “grand isolation” around their organisation, then they isolate themselves from the world and they pay for the consequences.

When I was a young man, I knew everything about everything – because I had little responsibility and all the time in the world.  At 40 something my days are now filled with responsibilities and tasks and it’s often my young nephew who introduces me to things like new “Apps”.  Likewise in business, most good managers and directors are too busy running their business.  Those who are enlightened are willing to listen to a good pitch for something that could change their business for the better.

Telemarketing – your name’s not on the list, you can’t come in!

I think the difficulty here is the “dumb-down of gatekeeper tactics”.  Gatekeepers of all forms (especially receptionists) are often given very simplistic instructions.  Firstly, they are told (quite rightly) to ask for the name of the person, the company they work for and why they are calling.  That’s fine – but why would you trust someone on a minimum wage who may be a ‘Temp’ to screen and filter your calls any further?

So what sort of questions are Gatekeepers told to ask, that are the wrong questions:

·         What is the nature of the call?”  If the Gatekeeper doesn’t understand how the business runs – how will they evaluate the answer?

·         Have you spoken to that person before?”  This “isolationist” question prevents any new fresh ideas being communicated to the business.

… and what are the worst actions of Gatekeepers:

·         Whatever you say – “He/she prefers an email and they will contact you

·         Whatever you say – “We would prefer it if you put something in writing first

Imagine if Gatekeepers were instructed to use a more intelligent approach:

·         Instead of asking about the nature of the call, what about asking “How will your call benefit our business?“  Answers using phrases like “make more money”, “save money”, etc could be exactly what that company needs.

In every job there are people who are good and bad at what they do.  We all like to feel important.  To be fair, there are far too many telemarketing people who want to feel important.  Likewise their are far too many receptionists who want to play God.  So many of the problems here revolve around “ego”.  Fortunately, I park my ego at the front door before making calls for my clients – which is perhaps why I’ve been told that I am the best telemarketing lead generator full stop.

Every day, I help my clients and their customers by bringing them together.  Each time, this provides my clients and their customers with the opportunity to work together to improve profitability.  The bottom line in business – is all about making money.

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