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How to Win New Business – Theory V Practice

Let’s face it, unless you ‘win new business’, and keep ‘winning new business’, you won’t have a business.  It recently struck me how many ‘Marketing Strategists’ I know, who are able tell you ‘how to win business’ – but in

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Consultative Telemarketing V Social Media Marketing

People have been selling via telephone for over a century now – whilst over the last decade new routes to market including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter has hit the headlines.  When selling a complex product or service, will these new

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Telemarketing Lead Generation or Sales Opportunity Creation – which is the right approach to win you more sales?

This article is written for those of you thinking about using telemarketing to find new customers.  Without sales, no business can survive and prosper; but how do we find potential customers in the first place?  There are many routes to

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How to Choose the Best Telemarketing

Choosing the right people to help you with Telemarketing can be a mission critical decision for your business.  Do you employee a team, outsource to an agency or hire a freelancer?  Without sales no business can survive, so choosing the

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Telemarketing V Internet Marketing

Is it best to spend your marketing budget on Telemarketing or Internet Marketing?  This is a question faced by many entrepreneurs and marketing managers.  I will explore the differences between the two routes to market and help you to make

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Freelance Telemarketing to beat the Credit Crisis Pt2

In part 2, I will explain how I helped to achieve sales via telemarketing during the recession of the 1980s.  Alternatively call me on 0870 042 1263 or email me Until the summer of 2008 many companies had been

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