How to Choose the Best Telemarketing

Choosing the right people to help you with Telemarketing can be a mission critical decision for your business.  Do you employee a team, outsource to an agency or hire a freelancer?  Without sales no business can survive, so choosing the best Telemarketing people is vitally important.  The problem is how to arrive at that decision.  I will explain how to sort out the wheat from the chaff – who are the best Telemarketing people and who is bluffing you. 

There are those of us in this world who are willing to learn from others and those of us who have to try something ourselves first before we truly understand.  Any adult knows that if you put your fingers in a fire, you will burn your fingers.  Unfortunately, I receive calls from potential customers every week, telling me how they just had their fingers burnt by not hiring the best Telemarketing people.  So for those who’ve had their fingers burnt, or for those of you who don’t need to experience pain before learning – here is how to choose the best Telemarketing.

It’s a sad fact (recognised by all the best Human Resources Directors) that about 90% of people tell lies on their CV and provide references that are not worth the paper they are written on.  In fact, legislation makes it very difficult for a former employer to say anything bad about a former employee.  Likewise, it’s so simple these days to set up a business.  So how difficult is it for a dodgy Telemarketing company to ask their friend to supply a reference from their small business?  So the first hint on finding the best Telemarketing people is to be wary about a CV and to be wary about a reference.  Remember, you’re buying someone’s telephone skills not a piece of paper – so make your judgement when they talk to you on the telephone and not based upon pieces of paper they give you.

Firstly, you need to think clearly about your objectives and what you are trying to achieve by hiring the best Telemarketing people.  Unless you are conducting market research, then surely your objective is to meet up with prospective buyers of your product or service?  This may sound obvious, but let’s see how the bluffers can fool you.

Your objective is not to make the telemarketing people wealthy or help them to employ as many people as possible.  Your objective is to provide you with a good Return on Investment by hiring the best Telemarketing people.  So if a bluffer talks about how many people they have in their team, why would you care?  If the best Telemarketing person can outperform a whole team of juniors, then be wary when someone talks about the size of their telemarketing team.  Quality is the first factor that differentiates the best telemarketing from the rest, not quantity.

Of course we all need some kind of markers to identify success, when we try to measure the best Telemarketing.  But be wary of the bluffer who starts spouting endless metrics.  If the best Telemarketing person made you one appointment that resulted in a deal worth a significant value, would you trade that for 50 appointments that resulted in no business?  If the best Telemarketing person spent hours researching that one call that was worth a significant value, would you trade that for 1000 calls that brought you no business?  So when the bluffer talks about how many calls they will make instead of discussing your objectives, let this sound an alarm bell in your head.

The final point on How to Choose the Best Telemarketing person has to boil down to charisma and charm at the end of the day.  As an expert in my field, I receive a number of phone calls each week from ‘would-be’ telemarketers seeking help and guidance.  Some are good and I try to steer in them in the right direction.  Recently I received a call from the most boring person I’ve spoken to in years, who whined on about not being able to get work – being depressing on the phone does not win business.  The best telemarketing person is someone who can grab your attention without being aggressive.  You need someone who makes you want to talk more because they’re asking you all the right questions.  To choose the best telemarketing person – always ask yourself, “would I buy from this person”?   There’s an old saying that “People Buy People”.  It doesn’t matter if your selling aircraft parts or accountancy services, people buy from people they like.

Of course if you really want to know How to Choose the Best Telemarketing person, simply call me on 0870 042 1263 – If I’m fully booked, I’ll find you the next best person to help you.

Stephen Law is a Business Development expert. Over a 25 year period, Stephen worked has worked from a Foot Canvasser and Telemarketing Junior in the 1980s to an Executive Director and Company Secretary in the 1990s. Stephen's sales and marketing career spanned the IT, Communications and Technology sectors, where he was always top in his field. Stephen has also been head of Manufacturing, HR, and R&D for a number of organisations. In 2005, Stephen decided to form his own company offering Business Development via Consultative Telemarketing. Few people enjoy telemarketing as much as Stephen and fewer still understand how to communicate effectively with senior decision makers. Stephen is an Associate Partner of the No1 UK Business Development Agency and an Honorary Director at the LCDA for Business Development, where he has taught the Art of Selling at London South Bank University.

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