Best Telemarketing – The Lead Generation Process

Let me explain the good the bad and the ugly out there in telemarketing in 2010 – so that you can engage the best telemarketing people to make your business money via lead generation.

Firstly, let’s check what to avoid at the extremely poor end of the telemarketing spectrum.  As per my prediction in January 2010, the number of Rookie telemarketing people and awful call centres seems to have spiralled out of control this year.  So my first point is to be wary of the so called “professionals” who suddenly decided to put their details on to Facebook last week and claim to have been doing this for 10, 20, 30 years.  If they started last week, then they started last week – so they’re evidently new to the business and boy does it show!

This week amongst many calls, I received a call from 2 of the worst telemarketing people in history – a Spanish woman who was totally incomprehensible and thought that shouting the same thing 3 times would make me interested?  The second was a young lad from up North who was completely incapable of answering any questions – and he just slammed the phone down when I wouldn’t give him personal data!  I’m getting an increasing number of people asking for help who have just had their fingers burnt with over-promises and under-delivery from seemingly cheap outfits and individuals.

Last month, a chap made a 600 mile trip to come and see me after experiencing the dross of so-called telemarketing companies out there.  This poor chap had been so badly let down by one person after the next that he wanted someone to do the job properly at last.  Generally speaking I don’t meet many of my clients as all business is conducted by internet/telephone, but people are so cautious now that they’re travelling to see me.  

You don’t need to spend hours in a car to meet me, you simply need to look at some basic principles to decide who can help you.  Firstly let’s split this in to 3 categories:

a)      You sell a cheap product and need to sell it in volumes, one-by-one to individuals.  Don’t hire a telemarketing person or a call centre – call me and I’ll help you with Search Engine Marketing that will boost your sales from as little as £250 per calendar month.

b)      You sell an expensive and sophisticated product to intelligent buyers – don’t waste your time with call centres, offshore people with peculiar accents or seemingly cheap people on some kind of pay-per-hour website – call me on 0870 042 1263

c)       If you’re the type of person who needs to be ripped off by someone who overpromises and under-delivers before you take my word for it – please burn a large hole in your bank balance first – then when you’re serious about making money, give me a call and you will be pleasantly surprised at gaining real results for your budget.

If you are serious about creating quality lead generation using telemarketing, take some time and read my other blogs below.  You’ll find ways to sort out the wheat from the chaff and the right questions to ask.

Performed correctly and for the right product or service, the best telemarketing will always provide you with a good return on investment.  As an expert, it’s easy for me to say this, but if you’ve never worked with a professional telemarketing person – give me a call and run through it with me until you have a good understanding, before parting with one penny.  Stephen Law +44 (0)870 042 1263 – website

Many thanks for reading and wishing you all the best in lead generation via telemarketing.

Stephen Law is a Business Development expert. Over a 25 year period, Stephen worked has worked from a Foot Canvasser and Telemarketing Junior in the 1980s to an Executive Director and Company Secretary in the 1990s. Stephen's sales and marketing career spanned the IT, Communications and Technology sectors, where he was always top in his field. Stephen has also been head of Manufacturing, HR, and R&D for a number of organisations. In 2005, Stephen decided to form his own company offering Business Development via Consultative Telemarketing. Few people enjoy telemarketing as much as Stephen and fewer still understand how to communicate effectively with senior decision makers. Stephen is an Associate Partner of the No1 UK Business Development Agency and an Honorary Director at the LCDA for Business Development, where he has taught the Art of Selling at London South Bank University.

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