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Best Telemarketing for QTR1 2011

2011 could prove to be highly profitable for many businesses, but you need to be thinking about your 2011 sales right now.  Let me explain the importance of the December/January period for your telemarketing… If you have a complex offering

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Business Development Manager – Let’s start with the Basics – ROI

Whilst my main function is to generate sales leads, many clients think of me as their part-time Business Development Manager.  My clients range from business savvy entrepreneurs with a company worth £x million – to Newbie’s who have never run

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Business Development Consultant –The Dilemma of a Shrinking Market Place

Many companies are facing a shrinking market-place and they are turning to me as a Business Development Consultant to overcome this dilemma.  Using two recent case studies let me explain what to do and what not to do… Case Study

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Telemarketing Consultant V Call Centre

If you’re new to outsourced telemarketing for Lead Generation – then you may be puzzled about the difference between a Telemarketing Consultant and a Call Centre?  I will try to explain the differences and which one will work best for

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