Best Telemarketing for QTR1 2011

2011 could prove to be highly profitable for many businesses, but you need to be thinking about your 2011 sales right now.  Let me explain the importance of the December/January period for your telemarketing…

If you have a complex offering to an intelligent buyer, then you must build a relationship with these people.  Decisions at high level are rarely made on the spot, so you must start the telemarketing process in advance of their purchasing cycles.

Telemarketing to win in 2011 – Here are the 3 key timings in QTR1 for 2011:

  • ·         January/February 2011 – Many large companies will be writing their business plan just before Christmas 2010.  Due to economic uncertainty, many companies will be waiting for this business plan and be ready to start purchasing in January/February.  So make sure you have the best telemarketing in place either for late December 2010 or January 2011 at the latest.
  • ·         March 2011 – Some organisations must spend their budget before the Chancellor of the Exchequer announces the Government budget in April.  Be sure to build a relationship with these potential clients using telemarketing before they make their final decisions.
  • ·         April 2011 – (Yes I know this is the start of QTR2) Make sure you are ready for the big sales in April 2011 when many organisations are allocated their budget.  Don’t leave this to the last minute, as many buyers will be meeting sellers between Christmas 2010 and March 2011 so that they have time to meet all the best sellers.  So line up the best telemarketing people as soon as possible for this big buying period.

Telemarketing Christmas 2010 and January 2011
The best telemarketing over the Christmas and New Year period must take the following in to account:

  • ·         If you are communicating with senior decision makers – don’t forget that whilst their staff may be taking holidays, they are probably still working. 
  • ·         The main period to stop looking for new business is circa 20th December 2010 to the 3rd January 2011.  If your budgets are tight, then extend this to start from 13th December until the 10th January 2011.
  • ·         If you take a break in telemarketing for new business, DO NOT STOP THE RELATIONSHIP BUILDING PROCESS.  One of my clients assumed that taking a holiday around the summer period from telemarketing meant stopping all telemarketing.  The poor chap missed 2 potential sales by not continuing with the relationship building process.
  • ·         Remember that it can take months and months of hard work on telemarketing relationship building – so maintain flow by asking your telemarketing person to revert to snail/mail, Christmas cards and emails during this period if necessary so that you don’t waste your investment.  If you don’t do this – your competitors may steal the show in your absence.

The Psychology of Telemarketing over Christmas/New Year
In short, this is one of the most crucial periods in the calendar for building potential sales.  By all means, don’t try phoning a new prospect on Christmas Day, but don’t forget to stay in touch. 

Remember that Sales is all about psychology.  With the bitterly cold wind and the floods in Cornwall, many people are feeling emotionally drained right now.  As we approach Christmas, people’s spirits begin to pick-up.  Use that warm-glowing feeling of potential buyers to build a good relationship as we approach Christmas.

Contrary to popular opinion, the period just after New Year’s Day can be very important for telemarketing.  Millions of people across the UK will be making New Year’s Resolutions.  For a short period, this is a psychological moment of change when buyers will be receptive to new ideas and will often be in the right mood to arrange a sales appointment.

If you need help with the best telemarketing for this period – I’m here to help with your projects – Stephen Law, Freelance Telemarketing Consultant 0203 790 9307 .

Stephen Law is a Business Development expert. Over a 25 year period, Stephen worked has worked from a Foot Canvasser and Telemarketing Junior in the 1980s to an Executive Director and Company Secretary in the 1990s. Stephen's sales and marketing career spanned the IT, Communications and Technology sectors, where he was always top in his field. Stephen has also been head of Manufacturing, HR, and R&D for a number of organisations. In 2005, Stephen decided to form his own company offering Business Development via Consultative Telemarketing. Few people enjoy telemarketing as much as Stephen and fewer still understand how to communicate effectively with senior decision makers. Stephen is an Associate Partner of the No1 UK Business Development Agency and an Honorary Director at the LCDA for Business Development, where he has taught the Art of Selling at London South Bank University.

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