Professional Telemarketing V the Amateur Approach

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When it is vital for your business to make more sales, lead generation via telemarketing is often the first thought for many business leaders.  In an age where we’re all looking to keep costs down, is it worth seeking a Professional Telemarketing person or is it better to work with amateurs?

The Thought-Pattern of Failure Begins – The Telemarketing Amateur
Looking back over the last 12 months, I’ve noticed a “thought-pattern” by companies who choose the amateur telemarketing route.  The MD is often a skilled if self-taught marketer, but when it comes to lead generation – the skills, experience and knowledge are lacking.  Enthusiastic staff will keep promoting the same pattern of failure, which I will try to explain.

The thought process goes as follows – Why hire a professional telemarketing person when we could do this internally and save money?   Without a clear understanding of what to do, the MD gathers his staff around him to ask for suggestions.  A conversation begins which revolves around the blind leading the blind.  A farcical game of “pin the tail on the donkey” begins, except everyone is wearing a blindfold.  So what happens next?

Anyone can succeed at telemarketing – can’t they?
The team begin making calls and appointments are made.  However, the appointments don’t appear to be turning in to sales.  So the team of blindfolded amateurs decide that they need to brainstorm the idea.  Assuming that they are the first people in history to come up with the idea, they all turn to Facebook and Linkedin and announce “Aha – that’s how we will succeed”.  Several weeks later, the team realise that these social media contacts are getting nowhere.  In frustration, the MD turns to his colleagues and asks for a new solution.  After further brainstorming, they come up with another idea which they believe is truly inspired – “We’ll hire lots of sales people who will all work for commission”.  So does this work?

All sales people work for commission only – don’t they?
After hours and hours and hours on the telephone, dozens of candidates are interviewed for a “commission only” position.  If anyone were adding up the cost of this time in PAYE they might give themselves a heart attack.  Yet, the team are adamant that there must be someone out there who is daft enough to do the job they couldn’t do in return for commission, shiny beads or jelly babies.  Finally, the MD comes to the conclusion that this is all going nowhere.  The MD Googles “Telemarketing Professional”, but just as he tries to seek a proper solution, his staff cry out “I’ve found the answer – we can hire cheap telemarketing people for only £5 per hour on People Per Hour!”.  At the pivotal moment, the MD is swayed from making the right decision and the hunt for cheap telemarketing people continues.  Was this a success?

It looks shiny – but have we struck Gold?
At this point, weeks if not months have passed.  Sales figures are falling and the MD is working out who to fire to save money.  The MD and his team had sifted through CV after CV on the internet of cheap telemarketing people.  After many hours, they chose 5 people who all claimed to be excellent at telemarketing.  Unfortunately, they had found a crock of Fools Gold.  There is an old saying that “You get what you pay for in life”.  Paying £5 per hour helped Mr Wu the Telemarketing man from the Philippines to live a life of luxury, but sadly no sales came from his work.

You get what you pay for in life – the Telemarketing Professional
The MD has finally had enough of this fool’s errand.  He worked hard to set up his business and he thinks long and hard about the situation.  When he began the business he hired the top accountant and the top solicitor to get his business moving.  The MD goes back to his roots, picks up the telephone and calls the top telemarketing people to help him.  Within weeks, the lead generation is working again and sales are looking good.  Once again the Telemarketing Professional hears those immortal words from the MD “Why didn’t I just call you in the first place?”

If you need to learn the hard way, then please feel free to do so.  If you’re a smart cookie and you don’t have time to learn the art of lead generation, simply give me a call – Stephen Law, Freelance Telemarketing Lead Generation Expert – 0203 790 9307 – .

Stephen Law is a Business Development expert. Over a 25 year period, Stephen worked has worked from a Foot Canvasser and Telemarketing Junior in the 1980s to an Executive Director and Company Secretary in the 1990s. Stephen's sales and marketing career spanned the IT, Communications and Technology sectors, where he was always top in his field. Stephen has also been head of Manufacturing, HR, and R&D for a number of organisations. In 2005, Stephen decided to form his own company offering Business Development via Consultative Telemarketing. Few people enjoy telemarketing as much as Stephen and fewer still understand how to communicate effectively with senior decision makers. Stephen is an Associate Partner of the No1 UK Business Development Agency and an Honorary Director at the LCDA for Business Development, where he has taught the Art of Selling at London South Bank University.

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