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Telemarketing – Could it make or break your business?

Is that introductory telephone call to your business just an annoyance – or could it change your life?  Every day, $Billions exchange hands by telephone deals, yet the image of the “unsolicited” telephone call is still somewhat tarnished.  I will

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Best Telemarketing 2012 “Fear or Greed”

The right sales message or “pitch” is an essential part of all successful lead generation campaigns.  For 7 years I worked for the most financially successful man that I have ever known on a personal level.  This chap went from

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Best Telemarketing – KPI s for Success

When you need to find the best telemarketing person or telemarketing agency, you need some Key Performance Indicators (KPI s) to guide you to success.   According to the once British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, “There are three kinds of lies:

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